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Promotion fruits for this week from $1 to $1.50!
Luohan / Seedless Guava, Dragonfruit, Honey / Rainbow Mango, Cut Fruits

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Hock Hoe Hin Pte Ltd

Our Company Profile
Establish since 1970s, Hock Hoe Hin Pte Ltd is an established, trusted reputable Fresh Fruit marketer and distributor of tropical Fresh Fruits in Singapore.

Fresh Fruit Specialties
We specialize in varieties of imported tropical Fresh Fruits (such as mango, mangosteen, chempedak, sour sop etc) from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, and Indonesia.

Singapore Customers
With thirty over years of experience in the Fresh Fruits business, our diverse list of Singapore clients include Supermarket, restaurants, caterer, food court, offices, schools, community centre and old folk homes in Singapore.


Fruit Services
In conjunction with Singapore government promotion of "healthy living and eating", we have develop a healthy wellness program that start with "healthy eating" in the workplace. Employees are organization greatest asset so as a Singapore employer who cares for your staff's health, what better way to power your people than with "Fresh Fruit pack" such as apples, bananas, oranges, pears, and mangoes to keep them healthy?

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Rainbow Fruit Skewers
Cut Fruit Platter from $30 onwards!
Rainbow Fruit Skewers
Rainbow Fruit Skewers from $2.50 per stick onwards!

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Fruit Promotion

We believes that bringing healthy Fresh Fruits to the workplace can boost staff productivity, boost morale and help Singapore companies improve their bottom lines. It is a cost-effective and healthy way to show that you care for your staff welfare and you can help to keep them in good health at the same time!

Our Pledge
We strives to meet Singapore customers' expectations by consistently providing Fresh Fruits that meet freshest quality. We pledge to serve you with prompt delivery of Fresh Fruits and competitive prices.

Contact Us

Tel: +65 62731091 or +65 62735563 (Isabell)
Email: efreshfruit@gmail.com


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